Pack Show Innovation 2019


The newest line of liquid bottling produced by ESQUISITEwill be exhibited for the first time at Pack Show! (stand No. 06)

FOR THE FIRST TIME at Pack Show: The latest innovations in bag-in-box packaging, from Smurfit Kappa

AZOC STAR, the local subsidiary of Smurfit Kappa, one of the giants of the global packaging industry, will present at the Pack Show 2019 bags with disconnector and bag-in-box packaging machines. Smurfit Kappa holds over 90 percent of the bag-in-box packaging market in Romania. The company provides bag-in-box solutions for liquid food manufacturers (wine, milk, oil, water, juices); bag-in-box bags (EVOH and metallize type) and cardboard boxes with a capacity of 3L, 5L, 10L and 20L. Also, at Smurfit Kappa stand you may taste wines that won fist places at the national contest of bag-in-box wines, edition 2019. (stand No. 46)

100% bio-degradable and compostable packaging

BIODECK is the first Romanian company that produces environmentally friendly packaging, which respects the life cycle of nature. All the company’s products are made of plants, such as corn starch or sugar cane. At the Biodeck stand you will find: kraft glasses, straws, cups, household bags, bags, plates, casseroles, cutlery, hygienic bags for dogs. (stand No. 38)

BIOBAGS, produced in Italy and distributed in Romania by Arimex, are made exclusively from potato starch. They are printed with non-toxic, plant-based ink. The company distributes various sizes of biodegradable bags, paper bags, biodegradable casseroles, biodegradable cutlery, disposable biodegradable glasses, biodegradable straws, edible coffee glasses. (stand No. 33)


EURODAC will exhibit to Pack Show 2019 the most innovative industrial robots, fully adapted to Romanian factories. The equipment and industrial machine are designed to fulfill client’s expectation, in order to increase the productivity of the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, consumer goods, building materials, cosmetics or cars industry. (stand No. 1)

Industrial robots and top machines for pharma&food industry

EURODAC will exhibit at Pack Show 2019 innovative industrial robots which are fully adapted to Romanian factories. The efficient equipment and industrial machines are designed based on clients’ requirements, in order to increase the productivity of the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, consumer goods, building materials, cosmetics or automotive industry. (stand No. 01)

Personalized equipment for the automation of production lines

I.H.S. will exhibit for the first time at Pack Show complete solutions for the automation of the production lines: palletizing and depalletizing systems and robots, mixed loading palletizing systems, pick & place systems, loading / unloading systems in / from bottles, packaging systems, pallet transport and handling, ERP / LMS integration, other equipment. (stand No. 42)

FOR THE FIRST TIME at Pack Show: complete solutions from PRINTCO!

PRINTCO, one of the biggest printing companies in Romania specialized in packaging and commercial printing, comes for the first time at Pack Show. The company exhibits  complete solutions for the packaging industry: pre-press (all the necessary technical operations in order to prepare the concept for printing), press (printing is realized on offset machines with a maximum format of the printed sheet of 72×103 cm), post-press (the finishing is done on automatic machines, equipped with quality control systems), personalized logistics (the attaching of the samples or other accessories to the printed product, but also subsequent delivery operations), commercial print (brochures or catalogs, posters or leaflets, flyers or booklets), packaging (large volumes packaging can be also printed), innovative products (unique functional solutions that help the clients to differentiate their products at shelf). (stand No. 45)

Foldable wooden boxes, revolutionary packaging used Western Europe

MOB-VIP, one of the main manufacturers of foldable boxes in Romania, produces two types of foldable wooden boxes highly appreciated on Western European market:

CLIP-BOX and PLIBOX-FREE. Specially designed to facilitate the storage of goods, the boxes are manufactured based on Client’s instructions regarding dimensions. The boxes are perfect for products’ transport by land, sea and especially for air transport. (stand No. 22B)


With the PAPERplus® Track paper cushion system, you’re well equipped to ensure high throughput and secure packaging material: the machine produces paper cushion in mere seconds directly at the packing station, delivering highly effective padding despite limited use of material. Thanks to the sturdy padding, the system is ideal for medium to large packages weighing between 5 and 50 kg – the perfect solution for shipping spare parts, electronic components, ceramics, and more. (stand No. 13)