Discover the latest innovations in the industry at the only packaging exhibition in Romania! In 2023 we’ll continue to innovate and identify together the most effective solutions for a sustainable future for the packaging industry.

We emphasize the need for the involvement of companies in the production and supply of environmentally friendly packaging, on real sustainability and the fulfillment of packaging safety and hygiene criteria, as well as equipment adapted to current requirements. Sustainable packaging is the right choice for a green future.

Sustainability & Ecological Packaging is the sector we focus on in this year’s edition, out of the desire to increase consumer awareness of the packaging’s impact on the environment. This sector includes edible, plantable, bioplastic, antimicrobial, smart, cellulose, or ecological packaging.

Pack Show 2023 presents the latest technologies and equipment in processing and packaging, robotics, and industrial systems, along with the latest innovations in raw materials and packaging design. The exhibition covers the entire spectrum of the industry: food, beverage, and distilleries, pharmaceuticals, household products, building materials and consumables, FMCG, contract packers, and more.

As for visitors, they have the chance to network, find new ideas and solutions, and meet potential suppliers, influencers, and technical experts alike – all under one roof.

At Pack Show 2023 we create the ideal networking framework for your business.

MAY 9th -12th 2023 | Romexpo-Bucharest, B1 Hall

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