Pack Show 2022, at a glance

We invite you to Pack Show 2022 to see each other and discuss constructively about what has changed in the market, which is the new paradigm of collaboration in the packaging industry, about the effects of delivery times in the context of the pandemic and external conflict.

We invite you to take advantage of offers and discounts, to choose new suppliers and partners, to see what the new costs are and how much they have been influenced by the price of gas and energy, with what we replace the break in the supply chain. Take advantage of the new circumstances.

We invite you to socialize.

Highlights 2022

1. Exhibitors from 7 countries: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Hungary.

2. Innovative equipment in operation throughout the exhibition

3. The most efficient packaging and packaging solutions.

Exhibitors list 2022

Find out who the exhibitors of the edition are and where they are positioned. You will gain valuable time, which you can use on the spot, through relevant face-to-face discussions.

First time at PACK SHOW?

Do you want to visit the exhibit, but you don’t know what to expect? Watch the presentation film, download the Barcode and come and convince yourself on the spot!

Pack Show 2022

Pack Show 2022 is for you,

if you activate in the field of:

  • biodegradable packaging, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramics, textiles, composite materials;
  • equipment for the production of packaging;
  • equipment for labeling and marking;
  • logistics and warehousing;
  • software for the packaging production.

Best accommodation offers

Do you want to visit the exhibition and you aren’t from Bucharest? We have the best accommodation conditions for you, from our partner hotels.

Outdoor partner:

Profi Print

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